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With decades of experience in aircraft data management solutions, we understand the tremendous value that the right information at the right time can yield to airlines. Intelligent flight has the power to transform the skies, enhancing passenger experience, improving communications and offering greater efficiencies. But to make this idea fly – to truly put it into action – it takes more than stand-alone solutions.

That’s why UTC Aerospace Systems created the OpsInsight™ platform. OpsInsight™ is a complete, unified and secure intelligent flight platform that includes intelligent hardware – the industry’s leading AID, our unique Tablet Interface Module (TIM®) – along with a suite of applications and services. Our ecosystem extends beyond our unique solutions such as predictive maintenance and the OpsInsight™ portal, enabling interoperability with a limitless range of other applications from third-party partners.  

Although we have tangible value propositions to offer today, we believe that the promise of the intelligent plane is just taking flight. The OpsInsight™ platform is modular, secure and future-proof, offering a holistic, fleet wide solution to exploit the potential of aircraft data today and into the future – at a fraction of the cost of OEM solutions.

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