Kidde has proudly been protecting those who protect us since 1917.

Kidde Technologies Inc., a part of Collins Aerospace, is a leader in the development, testing & manufacturing of high speed, optical explosion/fire sensing & suppression systems. Kidde companies have been proudly protecting those who protect us since 1917. 

Kidde fire and explosion suppression systems intelligently validate a true threat before actuating, so your vehicle fleet stays mission-ready in every environment.

Trusted by countless crews aboard military ground vehicles worldwide, our optical detections capabilities offer very high false alarm immunity. Kidde systems, including the Kidde Deugra, Kidde Dual Spectrum and Kidde L'Hotellier product lines, have been protecting lives on military ground vehicle platforms requiring fire suppression for over four decades and through multiple armed conflicts.

In a world of uncertainties, be certain our protectors are protected - equip your vehicle fleet with Kidde fire suppression systems.


Kidde supports its military vehicle customers from several locations.

For more information on support near you or our Kidde fire and explosion suppression systems, please send us an email through the provided form and a representative will reach out to you.