School Bus Fire Protection

Protect Your Passengers

In the U.S. alone, there is an average of one bus fire a day.

School buses carry the future - literally. Our future generations rely on us to keep them safe today, and that's why Kidde designed the Student Transport Automatic Fire Sensing and Suppression System (AFSS). In the event of a school bus fire, our system adds valuable time for safe evacuations.


Always Active & Automatic

A small fire can grow into a large fire in a matter of seconds. Our AFSS is fully automatic with no manual input required, which means the driver can focus on evacuating students safely. It's always active and ready to extinguish fires.

How It Works

It identifies potential risks with the use of linear thermal detection wires. When the temperature threshold is exceeded, our system discharges the Purple K agent in the engine area to eliminate or effectively diminish the threat. An audible alarm is sounded, allowing time for a full safe evacuation.


Excellent for the Environment

Extinguishing agents engulf the flames upon discharge. As students disembark, you don't have to worry about harmful effects to the students or the vehicle thanks to Purple K.

Purple K is a fast, efficient, environmentally-friendly fire suppression agent that's safe and easy to clean.


Uncompromised Performance

Our AFSS has uncompromised performance with proven effectiveness. Whether the school bus is parked, idling or transporting students, our system is always on and monitoring. After a discharge, clean-up is effortless. It's sized for small space claims and packaged for ease of installation, and our team of experts will train you on how to maintain the system yourself.