Bus driver sitting in his bus on tour

Our Driver Interface System provides a safer environment for drivers and their passengers.

Driver Interface Panels


Kidde’s driver interface panels are designed to alert the driver of a fire and/or gas leak. Located in the operator’s area, the panels display a number of lights that indicate the status of the system. The control panels perform the following functions:

  • Provides visual and audible warnings to the driver
  • Provides switches for testing, resetting, silencing alarms, and delaying engine shutdown
  • Continuously monitors circuits for faults
  • Interfaces with the vehicles controls to prefer shutdowns, warnings and other signals

-40° F to 158° F
-40° C to 70° C

Current draw
50mA (Nominal @ 24V)

Operating voltage
12 or 24 VDC

*Desktop Viewing Only

Driver Interface