Kidde Technologies

Kidde Technologies has been delivering advanced fire-safety technology for more than 100 years and is a leading manufacturer of automatic fire detection/suppression and gas leak detection.

Comprised of multiple brand names and companies, Kidde Technologies is a world leader in fire protection and safety systems, successfully serving the transit industry—including motor coaches, school buses, transit/city buses, paratransit buses and train, as well as the aviation market and military ground vehicles.  

Our brand names and companies include:

- L'Hotellier, located in Antony, France
- Kidde Deugra, located in Ratingen, Germany
- Kidde Aerospace and Defence Australia, located in Melbourne
- Kidde Graviner, supporter by L'Hotellier in Antony, France
- Kidde Dual Spectrum, located in Wilson, NC
- Kidde Aerospace and Defense, located in Wilson, NC
- Fenway Safety Systems, located in Wilson, NC
- Kidde Technologies, Inc., located in Wilson, NC

Kidde Technologies is a part of Collins Aerospace, a United Technologies company.