Kidde Technologies is a leading manufacturer of automatic fire detection/suppression & gas leak detection for the transit industry.

Kidde Technologies, a unit of Collins Aerospace, has been delivering advanced fire-safety technology for more than 100 years and is a leading manufacturer of automatic fire detection/suppression and gas leak detection for the transit industry – including motor coaches, school buses, transit/city buses, paratransit buses and trains.

Kidde’s transit products are specificially designed and built with paratransit and student transport in mind. Whether it's fire or gas leak detection, flame suppression or diagnostics, Kidde offers proven, comprehensive solutions.



Kidde Technologies maintains significant R&D capabilities. The department is comprised of scientists and engineers with disciplines in physics, chemistry, analytical modeling, mechanical and electronic design and digital techniques. The group provides advanced research and testing into new technologies and applications through unique measurements and test equipment.

This test equipment includes both a full scale bus engine and crew bay explosion simulator. Kidde’s outstanding design teams have developed the most complete array of protection products backed by years of field experience.


Kidde’s transit products have passed the necessary qualifications for a number of certifications based on national and international standards. The P-mark is one of those certifications which include each product and product type, as well as manufacturer’s production control, being tested and audited to ensure quality.


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Kidde Technologies has installed more than 15,000 Transit Systems throughout the United States and Internationally.

We support our commercial bus customers from multiple global locations:

- North America
- Europe & Central Asia
- Latin America & Caribbean
- Africa
- Middle East & North Africa
- South Asia
- East Asia & Pacific
- Australia

For support contact locations and more information on our Kidde technology fire suppression systems, please contact us through the provided form and a representative will reach out to you.